Technology vs Humans Essays

What if there was a society without any technology? What if technology didn't grow into this powerful factor in our everyday lives. I try to wrap my head around what it would be like to be in society without having any technology. Technology has had a pivotal impact on my everyday daily life as well as others lives. For those who enjoy what technology has done for them there are still people that have a fear over technology. People tend to have the fear that it’s becoming to powerful and soon will take over and become to strong for us humans, but at the rate it’s evolving it looks like technology will be around for a long time and will continue to trend upwards.

If you look around us almost everything we use or come in contact with has some form of technology involved with it. In an article by “The Washington Post” I came across some staggering statistics. If you were born in in 1990, 99% of U.S. household didn’t have internet, if you were born in the 1990s and early 2000s most of the music you listened to came from a CDs, and in the 1990 96% of Americans didn't have cell phones and by 2002 62% of Americans had what we call “dumb phones” in today's society because of how advanced our phones are now. (Ficher-Baum). Now almost everyone have smartphones, internet, and nobody really buys CDs we now listen to music digitally through different types of apps, radio stations or through Bluetooth from variations of devices we might have.

With the rise in technology a superior form of the internet has grown called social media. Social media are websites and applications that help people share and create content for social networking. This means you can post a picture and a family member that might live across the globe can now see in a matter of seconds of posting. Social media has came along way too. From websites like Aol massager, MySpace have now advanced to bigger and broader social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On these websites now you can now start a business, market yourself, sale items, talk to people, and even solve crimes which may officers tend to use because people post everything on social media. Technology has advanced our cell phones. Years ago there were prepaid phones, house phones , beepers, and regular cell phones. Now most of those devices are extinct because these company’s have advanced and come up with smarter ways to sale products that are smarts and easier to use. Nowadays the phones we have are basically computers in a smaller form because you can make calls, use social media, take photos, and use the internet. Phones are becoming so advanced because of technology the phone I currently have now can unlock with my face, can speak back to me, and can locate itself if lost. Back then people probably never knew things were going to get that advanced.
Jobs over the past decades have included more technology in them. Factories have now turned into more of a technological based business. This is because technology has advanced to become smart enough to do human jobs at faster pace and are cheaper. Also if you build a robotic machine that can press and make items like chips and bagging them or packaging items that means less people to pay and less people that can get injured while on the job. Companies love hearing that because that means they save more money. Also school has trended towards more technology being used. According to (Robson) people today are smarter than people back than this is because of how much more we know and what technology has done for us. In school I can remember my teachers using the chalkboard and large sheets of paper to teach us on, now we have laptops and tablets to work on and over head projectors used to teach. We can now look into space and learn about other planets with rockets, specialized cameras and other advanced things made by humans but back than it was way more rare and difficult to do so.
Robotic machines have been being made and advancing for decades but now it’s becoming more common that we are using these robotic items for things like wars and greeting guess. We use robotic things in war to shoot people, blow things up and to track people which saves more soldiers and on Fox 5 News Las Vegas I recall seeing the reporter at the Las Vegas Convention Center at a event that showcased technology and items that will be coming out on the future and it was a robotic machine greeting people.

Technology has began to advanced in our vehicles and households. Now they have cars that can drive themselves like the Tesla and can give directions using gps navigation. Also in our house because we can now have devices turn our lights off or on now without switches also good has a devices called “Alexa” that can connect or your whole house and by saying the name Alexa it will do what you command for example if you say ". Alexa what's the weather in California today" it will reply back with the exact weather in California”.
The advancement of technology can be troublesome for people. There are many people that see technology's progression as a negative. This is because they believe it will overthrow humans or become to smart. For example the Tesla vehicle has an autopilot mode and has been many times it has malfunctioned an crashed causing death and injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating 13 Tesla crashes dating all the way back to 2016 because autopilot system was found to be on. According to (Krisher). Also technology's advancement has become a way for people to hack into people’s personal life and business. With the advancement of technology has come the advancement of humans also. People now have found was to hack into your social media pages, your emails, and create scams which can give out all your information. Lastly, all these robotic devices being created are seen as a threat because some think what if they malfunction and hurt you instead of doing the designed job. Or what if what we know now about phones and other devices giving of radiation cancer what if this type of thing gets out of hand ? People fare all of these situations and more because they see it getting to powerful and causing destruction.

Technology is a focal point of everyone's lives. It all around us and as we grow it grows. People tend to not be so fond of the direction that it's trending because of events that have happen or is happening with the advancement of technology. With that being said I think it will never get so big that it will take over or harm us dramatically. I think we will dumb it down or slow it down before it gets to powerful for us to control. We should be grateful we have it and continue to use it for the right purposes and let it be apart of our lives. is a place where you can have a look at various rhetorical analysis topics. They are absolutely free and can be used to do your own assignments.